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Win the Battle of the Stinking Diaper Bag

Stinking diaper bags. It happens! Whether you use a wet bag, diaper pail, or laundry basket to store your dirty diapers, it’s bound to stink from time to time. If I don’t keep up with it, Holden’s diapers (and his whole room for that matter) begin to smell like a hamster cage. It’s nasty! To… Continue reading Win the Battle of the Stinking Diaper Bag

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Fleece Liners…YES PLEASE!

Y’all fleece liners are freaking amazing!  I was skeptical, for real.  I didn’t think fleece would make that much of a difference in keeping my son’s bum dry but it really does!  What I did was I just bought a cheap fleece blanket and cut it up into a bunch of rectangles to lay in… Continue reading Fleece Liners…YES PLEASE!

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My Fluff Butt Journey

I’m not one of those snotty, “know it all”, only buys high end brand cloth diapers moms.  If you are a cloth momma you know what I mean!  I don’t obsess over which washing machine setting is best or how often I should strip my diapers (which I have read is usually not necessary). I… Continue reading My Fluff Butt Journey