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Wash that Fluff! *updated*

I’m a pretty low maintenance fluff butt mom. As long as my diapers aren’t stained or smelling, I don’t worry about it too much. I am a member to many online cloth diapering and laundry groups and I see women obsess over how to wash their diapers. That’s simply not me.  This is my simple… Continue reading Wash that Fluff! *updated*

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Fleece Liners…YES PLEASE!

Y’all fleece liners are freaking amazing!  I was skeptical, for real.  I didn’t think fleece would make that much of a difference in keeping my son’s bum dry but it really does!  What I did was I just bought a cheap fleece blanket and cut it up into a bunch of rectangles to lay in… Continue reading Fleece Liners…YES PLEASE!


Being the Best Mother and Wife I Can Be

Some serious cheese is about to happen but I’m completely stumped on what to write about. So, I want to write a post at least once a week but this week I haven’t had time to craft or do much noteworthy cooking. I was at total loss for what to write about this week, so… Continue reading Being the Best Mother and Wife I Can Be