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Think Dirty vs. Healthy Living

I have discovered a new addiction which is apps that tell you how “clean” you health and beauty products are! After discovering Think Dirty which I wrote about a days ago (Think Dirty!), one of my friends introduce me to another app that is similar to Think Dirty called Healthy Living. It essentially does the… Continue reading Think Dirty vs. Healthy Living

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Cleaning the Caca 

Tonight I’m going to let everyone in on how I deal with poopy diapers. There are lots of different ways cloth mommas can deal with poopy diapers. Some of these include the dump and swish, the scraping off, or some use disposable or flushable liners. But, I spray my diapers off in the toilet. I… Continue reading Cleaning the Caca¬†

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Wash that Fluff! *updated*

I’m a pretty low maintenance fluff butt mom. As long as my diapers aren’t stained or smelling, I don’t worry about it too much. I am a member to many online cloth diapering and laundry groups and I see women obsess over how to wash their diapers. That’s simply not me.  This is my simple… Continue reading Wash that Fluff! *updated*