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Drink water: make milk

Water. We can’t live without it. But let’s be honest, do y’all drink enough of it everyday? I know I don’t. If you’re breastfeeding, it’s extremely important to drink plenty of water. I’m definitely working on this! According to ASK Dr. Sears, for a breastfeeding mother you should be drinking 8 ounces of water everytime you… Continue reading Drink water: make milk

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Don’t Cry Over Milk Left Out

Okay, so, the other night I was pumping and fell asleep before putting the milk made in the fridge.  I slept for a whole 6 hours! Which never happens by the way. While I enjoyed getting the sleep, I woke up in a panic and immediately started googling whether I needed to throw out the… Continue reading Don’t Cry Over Milk Left Out

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Lactation Smoothie Mix

UPDATE:  I wanted to let everyone know that this stuff really did help my production.  I gotta be honest, I wasn’t even great about drinking it EVERYDAY. I know, I know…but some days I honestly forgot.  My production seems to fluctuate a lot but the days that I drank the mix I could pump about an… Continue reading Lactation Smoothie Mix