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Fear Based Birth Culture in America– Fight the Patriarchy! 

Since having my home birth I have found that many women make comments like “I wish I would of had an unmedicated birth but I was afraid of the pain” or “I could never have done it”. I always say “oh, I bet you could”. And I truly believe that.  Sure there are some medical… Continue reading Fear Based Birth Culture in America– Fight the Patriarchy! 

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Think Dirty vs. Healthy Living

I have discovered a new addiction which is apps that tell you how “clean” you health and beauty products are! After discovering Think Dirty which I wrote about a days ago (Think Dirty!), one of my friends introduce me to another app that is similar to Think Dirty called Healthy Living. It essentially does the… Continue reading Think Dirty vs. Healthy Living

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Fleece Liners…YES PLEASE!

Y’all fleece liners are freaking amazing!  I was skeptical, for real.  I didn’t think fleece would make that much of a difference in keeping my son’s bum dry but it really does!  What I did was I just bought a cheap fleece blanket and cut it up into a bunch of rectangles to lay in… Continue reading Fleece Liners…YES PLEASE!

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My Fluff Butt Journey

I’m not one of those snotty, “know it all”, only buys high end brand cloth diapers moms.  If you are a cloth momma you know what I mean!  I don’t obsess over which washing machine setting is best or how often I should strip my diapers (which I have read is usually not necessary). I… Continue reading My Fluff Butt Journey