Late night ramblings of a momma up with her baby

I have had Holden (6m) on a schedule and sleeping in his own room and bed since he was 2 months old.  Him sleeping in his own bed and room is what works best for our family. 
This is not a post about co-sleeping vs crib sleeping. Honestly, you know your baby and your family situation. You do you. 

What this is about, is coming to the realization that babies are going to wake up. And that’s okay. 

I know, I know, we all want our sleep. Sleep is a necessity. But babies wake up. 

My husband and I have been pretty lucky. Mostly Holden sleeps through the night only waking a couple times for his pacifier or to be fed. He typically goes right back to sleep, no problem.

 Well lately it’s been a little different. Teething and a growth spurt seem to be the culprit. He has been waking about every hour lately. Usually I can offer his pacifier and “shhh” him back to sleep, easy peasy! Not anymore. He wants me to rock him back to sleep. He wants to be comforted. And while I have so much cleaning to do that I can only get done while he’s sleeping, it’s okay. He needs me. 

So what’s the point of this random post? Well, I’m on a lot of mommy groups online and I’m constantly seeing mommas who are so concerned with the fact that their babies aren’t sleeping through the night. They probably won’t. Relax, take a breather, this is normal. I know it’s hard, we are all so tired, but your baby is normal. Enjoy the snuggles while they last. Your babe won’t do this forever, even though I know it feels like it. 

Trust me, I understand the struggle. I’m typing this on my phone as I rock mr. man back to sleep for the third time tonight. But it’s okay. He needs me. 

👇comment below! Let me know what you think! Little ones keeping you up? 👇

-much love always 💕

7 thoughts on “Late night ramblings of a momma up with her baby

  1. I’m so fortunate, my three month old has only been waking up once during the night lately. I don’t anticipate it staying this way though. It can be a bit exhausting at times but it’s all part of the mom life!

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      1. Somewhat. He usually goes down around 9:30 and stays asleep till 1 or so then he sleeps till 7 am! It’s not bad, mama gets enough sleep for sure!

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