Respect Your Children’s Privacy

Mom Life Respect Your Childrens Privacy

Y’all be careful.

I’m a part of quite a few mom groups on different social media platforms and I see people posting pictures or videos of their kids in the bath with an emjoi over their privates or show their bare bottoms. Or potty training pictures. Or just funny naked pictures.

I get it, your kids are adorable and hilarious. But, don’t post naked pics or videos of your kids on the internet.

I’m totally for talking about your experiences and getting advice from mom’s or sharing funny stories but posting a naked picture doesn’t respect your child’s privacy and frankly it’s really unsafe.

Respect their privacy. 

In this day and age everyone is posting pictures of their kids all over the Internet. But I think it’s important to remember that your kids may not have anything to say about it now but as they grow they may care what is out there on the Internet about them. I know I would hate it if all my embarrassing  (understandably hilarious to my parents) stories and photos from my childhood were on the internet.

I know your kids are awesome tiny humans and you made them and you want to show them off.  Just be careful and use common sense. I post pictures of my son on my personal facebook and Instagram but he fully clothed and just people I actually know can see them. Everyone once in a blue moon I’ll post one on a mommy group but once again, totally appropriate picture.

It’s just not safe. 

Do you know how many creeps are out there and how easy it is to fake a social media account? A lot and super easy!

Just don’t risk it. It’s not worth it.

Here are some links about it:

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