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InboxDollars: Worth It?

Who doesn’t want to make a little extra $ online? Let’s be real, we all spend a little too much time on the Internet anyways right?

Well, I recently came across an app called InboxDollars where you take surveys, watch videos, play games, etc. for cash.

I got $5 dollars for signing up which was nice but since then I have only been able to earn a total of $8.70. You can’t see that money in your bank account until you’ve reached $30. You can also earn “sweeps” which you can spend on entering online drawings for different offers. I currently have 112 sweeps just from doing little activities on InboxDollars.

So here are some pros and cons to think about.


  • It’s free money
  • Easy to sign up
  • Did I mention it’s free money?
  • You can make money by just watching videos. Look below for more info.


  • I hardly qualify for any of the surveys
  • To make good money you have to download apps or sign up for services which I don’t want to do 😣
  • Watching videos only gets you pennies. I earned $.01 for watching 3 videos with ads between them

So, is InboxDollars worth it? Well that’s up to you!

If you’re planning to spend a lot of time on InboxDollars it probably wouldn’t result in time we’ll spent considering you don’t really make much. But I see it as worth it if I’m bored and just playing around on my phone anyways. Late any night when I’m pumping and trying to stay awake, why not make a little money? Key word here: little. But, it is free money for pretty much no effort so I can’t really complain there.

*Click Here* to sign up for InboxDollars and earn a little money for yourself!

🗯 Have you tried InboxDollars or apps like it? What were your experiences?🗯

👇comment below!👇

-much love always!!

Disclaimer: The link provided is an affiliated link which means by referring you to InboxDollars I make a little money.  This doesn’t cost you anything! 🙂


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