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Fear Based Birth Culture in America– Fight the Patriarchy! 

Since having my home birth I have found that many women make comments like “I wish I would of had an unmedicated birth but I was afraid of the pain” or “I could never have done it”. I always say “oh, I bet you could”. And I truly believe that. 

Sure there are some medical reasons why someone would need a hospital/medical intervention and the hospital is great for just that! I’m not anti-hospital here I’m just pro-women trusting their bodies. (However, I do believe there are a lot of issues with hospitals but that’s a blog post for any other day!) 

Ina May Gaskin (you should really Google her but here is her Wikipedia link) pointed out in a Ted talk I watched once that we are the only mammal that doubts our ability to give birth. 

Just think about that.

It seems like we are fed this information that birth is scary from the time we are old enough to understand. TV shows and movies show these women in severe pain and screaming at everyone around them. The only semi-positive impression of homebirth that I’ve seen is when Sookie on Gilmore Girls has a home birth. But even then, the show made the midwife seem like a crazy person and it was almost poking fun at it. Oh, and Malcom in Middle! Lois has a home birth and basically does it all by herself. Which I love! But my point is, most things you see surrounding birth involve screaming and rushing to the hospital and fear

Epidurals are just expected because women think they can’t handle the pain. In my experience managing the pain kept me in control. I could feel what my body was doing. The pain (while fairly severe) was motivating! Discomfort is temporary. And the benefits of being drug free for you and your baby are amazing. 

“After an epidural, babies are less alert, less able to orient themselves, and have less organized movements for as long as a month after birth. Your body and the placenta help the baby to eliminate toxins while he is in your uterus. However, once he is born, his newborn liver will need to do it alone, which means it sometimes takes longer for babies to get rid of drugs and toxins in their system.

Narcotic pain relief medication can cause additional side effects in baby as well. These include:

  • Central nervous system depression
  • Respiratory depression
  • Impaired early breastfeeding
  • Altered neurological behavior
  • Decreased ability to regulate body temperature

Because of these side effects, baby may need additional medications.”


I wish all women knew how empowering birth can be. We are so strong y’all. Our bodies are biologically designed to do this. If more women understood this I truly believe we would have more confident women in this country. We are often brought up to believe that we are the weaker sex. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! Fight the patriarchy with natural childbirth! 

*these are just my personal ramblings and not medical advice!*

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