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Think Dirty vs. Healthy Living

I have discovered a new addiction which is apps that tell you how “clean” you health and beauty products are! After discovering Think Dirty which I wrote about a days ago (Think Dirty!), one of my friends introduce me to another app that is similar to Think Dirty called Healthy Living. It essentially does the same thing but Healthy Living includes food products. 

I’ve downloaded both apps and I have to say they differ a lot. My friend and I spent quite a while in Target scanning products. I’m telling you it’s addicting!! 🔎We were noticing that while Think Dirty would have a high rating on some products, Healthy Living would have a low reading. 

Take this Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo Lightly Scented. 

These are Think Dirty’s scores: 

These are Healthy Living’s scores: 

It would seem like Think Dirty was being a lot more critical, right? Well this is where I start to question Think Dirty. When you type in a search there are different scores for the exact same product. 

Look at this:

Look how much the ratings differ on the same products! I’m not exactly sure who is doing the rating or the database but it seems weird to have different ratings on the same product. You can also submit products to be reviewed that aren’t in the database but, like I said, I don’t know how reliable it is or where the rating is coming from. 

Healthy Living does not seem to have as much variations. Their finding seem pretty consistant. One thing I really like about Healthy Living is they explain how they score their products and their methodology. I cannot find anything like this on the Think Dirty app. 

I think I may have gotten too exicted too quickly about the Think Dirty app. Healthy Living is clearly the superior application for clean products! Now I’m a Healthy Living’s freak…scanning everything in the store! 🙈😂

🗨What is your experience with these kind of apps? What is your favorite? 💬

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