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Don’t Cry Over Milk Left Out

Okay, so, the other night I was pumping and fell asleep before putting the milk made in the fridge.  I slept for a whole 6 hours! Which never happens by the way. While I enjoyed getting the sleep, I woke up in a panic and immediately started googling whether I needed to throw out the milk or if it was still good.

Y’all. There. Are. Too. Many. Conflicting. Opinions.

It seems to vary a lot based on the environment the milk is left out in.  According to BabyCenter if the room temperature is cool than you can leave the milk out for 6-8 hours!  That seems like so long.  And honestly that’s the longest opinion I’ve seen.

To get a clear view on all the information out there I created a list for how long various sources claim you can leave breast milk out at room temperature:

Basically, the average time is around 6 hours.  I may not have to toss it out after all!  It’s been two days and it’s sitting in my fridge.

To use or not to use…that is the question!! It would probably be okay.  If I don’t end up using it for a feeding I’ll just use it on my  eczema. 🙂

What would you do? Comment Below!!

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