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Think Dirty!

Y’all! I just found the most amazing app. Maybe I am late to the game but this is brand new information to me! 😉

The app is called Think Dirty and it tells you on a scale from 0 (being the most clean) to 10 (being the most dirty) how dirty your health and beauty products are (such as shampoo, lotions, deodorants, etc.). The app looks at ingredients and determines the levels of carcinogens, developmental and reproductive toxicity, and allergens and immunotoxicities! I found out the baby shampoo I was using on my son was a 10!! Scary! I use it all the time! I’m throwing it out and going shopping for new products tomorrow!! I work so hard to be toxin free and I’m still using them without knowing. Everyone scan or search the products you use! You may be surprised

What do y’all think of this app? Do you use it? Am I really late to the game? 

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-much love always!!


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