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Cleaning the Caca 

Tonight I’m going to let everyone in on how I deal with poopy diapers.

There are lots of different ways cloth mommas can deal with poopy diapers. Some of these include the dump and swish, the scraping off, or some use disposable or flushable liners. But, I spray my diapers off in the toilet.

I would use flushable liners but we use a septic system so we can’t flush any kind of products like that and I wouldn’t want to be wasteful by throwing them away. And before I got our sprayer I did use the scrape and dunk and swish methods. Let’s just say, I don’t miss that at all!

Once we bought a sprayer my life got so much easier! It took both me and my husband a little while to get it set up because it kept leaking everywhere. My husband was finally able to  to tighten everything enough to where it didn’t leak.

Okay, so here’s what I do:

1. Change the babe and put him in his crib with his mobile on to entertain him.

2. Put gloves on.

3. Spray diaper (50% pressure and aiming down) and ring it out. Make sure to not spray too hard or poop will go everywhere! I’m telling you from experience. 😣

4. If there is any remaining stain I spray with Shout.

5. Toss in bucket next to toilet.

6. Spray off gloves and toilet bowl and flush.

7. Put gloves away and spray lysol on sprayer and toilet bowl. 😉

It really doesn’t take much time at all. I usually try to stay away from chemicals as much as possible but I’m also a bit of a germ-o-phob. So when it comes to the bathroom I use lysol. And I only use Shout if there is a tough stain.

This system keeps my diapers looking and smelling like new! Pic below of my setup! 👇

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🗨 What’s your system?💬 comment below 👇

-much love always!!


3 thoughts on “Cleaning the Caca 

  1. Five years of dunking and swishing here lol! I’ve mastered it completely. I can depoop a diaper in seconds with zero splash back.

    Weird mom talents lol…

    I’ve also found that the type of diaper you’re depooping makes a huge difference. ANY method of rinsing out a Snappi’d on flat diaper is going to get scary and messy. Ai2 diapers with multiple snap in inserts can also be sketchy since they have so many layers. This is the main reason I switched to 99% pocket diapers. You have ONE, SMOOTH surface to depoop.


    1. Nice! The dunk and swish was just not for me. I don’t have your skills! Haha I totally agree that the type of diaper matters. I’ve found that the glowbug diapers can be difficult because of the gusset circle in the diaper to catch the poop. It’s awesome at keeping the poop contained but cleaning the gussets are a pain!

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