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Wash that Fluff! *updated*

I’m a pretty low maintenance fluff butt mom. As long as my diapers aren’t stained or smelling, I don’t worry about it too much. I am a member to many online cloth diapering and laundry groups and I see women obsess over how to wash their diapers. That’s simply not me.

 This is my simple wash routine:

  1. Take all inserts out of pockets and unsnap all your diapers. 
  2. Toss in you diapers, liners, inserts, and wet bag (I turn mine inside out).
  3. Run a cold wash with half the detergent (I use dreft) you would usually use with 2 rinse cycles. This will loosen everything up and prevent staining. 
  4. Run a hot wash heavy duty cycle with full amount of detergent *and half a cup of borax (for hard water) with 1 rinse cycle*. The heat will sanitize the diapers while the heavy duty cycle agitates the diapers to get them really clean. The rinsing obviously gets the soap and yucky stuff off the diapers. 
  5. Put everything in the dry WITHOUT a dryer sheet. You want everything in your diapers to absorb liquid, not repel it. 
  6. After drying in the dryer, I hang dry some of my AIOs  (all-in-ones) because I’ve noticed the insides still feel damp after the dryer. 

And that’s it! Time to stuff! 

Feel free to ask me any questions! I’d love to hear what you think. Comments are welcome and appreciated!! 

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-much love always!!


4 thoughts on “Wash that Fluff! *updated*

  1. My routine is similar to yours except I don’t do any extra rinses at the end. Easy peasy! But I have come across other moms with troublesome machines or insanely hard water… Cloth diapering has forever cemented my commitment to old style top load washers lol

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      1. I use Gain. It’s my least “green” cleaning item by far, but I’m too chicken to try anything else lol. I’m on the fence about homemade detergent. A close friend of mine ended up with a stack of ruined diapers after using it long term. 😦 I’ve heard really great things about Thieves, but I haven’t pulled that trigger yet!

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      2. Hmm good to know! I definitely don’t want to ruin my stash! I’ve heard good things about thieves as well. Maybe I’ll try it soon and let ya no! I really love the way dreft smells though so I don’t know… hehe

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