Baby Care

Nighttime routine

Tonight I want to talk about my son’s bedtime routine. I had him sleeping in his own room in his crib by two months. Now, of course, some mommas would rather their babies be in their rooms with them or they bed share but this is just what works for us. And this could of course be modified for any of those situations. 

First, I make sure to start his bedtime routine at the same time everynight. I never go later but every once in a while if he is just super tired and cranky I’ll put him to bed early. I do this no matter what. I make sure all my plans for the day are done before I start my routine. My friends and family are all aware that I am no longer available in the evenings once the bed time routine has started. 

Holden’s bedtime routine starts at 6:30pm every night. I start prepping for his routine at 6:15pm. 

My prep includes:

  • Getting his pre-stuffed night time diaper and sleep sack ready and easily available on changing table. 
  • Get his bath tub prepped with washcloth and towel.
  • Get everything I will need for his hygiene routine out and easily accessible (nail clippers, lotion, hair brush, saline drops and nose aspirator, or whatever it is we need that night). 
  • Get charged Owlet sock out and ready to put on. (I put it on the charger every morning). 
  • Make nighttime bottle.
  • Put nighttime bottle and clean pacifier in the pouch in the rocking chair arm. 
  • Turn on sound machine.

This seems like a lot but it really only take me a few minutes. 

My routine includes:

  1. Put on changing table and clip fingernails if needed. Take clothes off. 
  2.  Bath time. We take a bath every day but we only use soap every couple of days so his skin doesn’t dry out. 
  3. Take back to changing table and dry off.
  4. Lotion, lotion, lotion!! I make sure to get lotion all over and in every crease that could get irritated (like the skin folds of his neck, fat rolls, armpits, etc.). 
  5. Put saline drops in his nose and use aspirator. My son sometimes gets congested at night and this helps break everything up and helps him breathe easy at night. I use non-medicated infant saline drops. (This is a seasonal thing and as needed).
  6. Brush hair.
  7. Put on owlet sock and sleep sack.
  8. Turn off lights. 
  9. Feed bottle and rock in rocking chair until he falls asleep (burping as needed of course). I always have his pacifier available if needed. 
  10. Put in crib. 

My son is usually asleep by 7:00-7:30pm everynight. Once we started doing this routine everyday he started to really understand it was bedtime. He typically goes right to sleep and sleeps better throughout the night. We started a little before two months and is almost 4 months now. It only took him a couple of days to get in the swing of things though! I am a firm believer that routines make for happy babies! Babies like stability and security. 

This routine also is great for my husband and I because we have the evenings to ourselves to get things done or just spend some time together. 

I would love to hear what your bedtime routine is! Comment below! 

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-much love always!


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