Nuances and Life

As a parent you deal with and interpret nuances on a regular basis (as do we all).  But, especially with dealing with a baby.  My son will be four months Saturday. Oh my gosh he is growing too fast!  To care of him is to pay constant attention to every subtle change in his expressions and noises.  It’s amazing how much you can understand from your infant if you just watch and listen carefully.  I can tell happy noises from unhappy noises from another room.  I can tell when he is about to get upset before it happens just by watching his facial expression.

Not only can you learn so much from your baby’s subtle changes but your baby learns so much from your nuances as well.  They are constantly learning what your sounds, facial expressions, and body language means.  It amazes me that my son understands that when I’m being overdramatic with my facial expressions or sounds that it is funny.  This means that he understand the everyday nuances of his parents in order to find the humor in my dramatic displays.

The little things in life can be so amazing.  I am amazed by Holden every day.  Babies are amazing little scientists who observe everything around them.  As adults we forget to view the world like that. Today I am going to try and view the world they way my son interprets it.  When you try to see that world through a baby’s eyes you can really appreciate the beauty in everything around you.

I’d love to hear what subtle things amaze you about your child! Comment below!

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-much love always!!

via Daily Prompt: Nuance


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