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“Mom Hands”

I’m up late pumping. Just just washed some bottles and oh my gosh does the eczema on my hands hurt! I never suffered from eczema until I had my son and started washing my hands so much. They should really call eczema of the hands mom hands. I wash my hands so often that all the oils are stripped off of them. My husband says I just shouldn’t wash my hands so much but I’m so worried about germs with it being RSV season. If I’m not washing my hands then I’m using hand sanitizer. Now it hurts to wash bottles and the dermatologist can’t see me till mid April. UHG. I will be looking up natural remedies for eczema tonight! 

Do any of you moms have mom hands? What natural remedies do you use for eczema? 

-much love!!


4 thoughts on ““Mom Hands”

  1. Mom hands are the worst!! I wouldn’t consider them “natural” …. but a combination of Udderly Smooth hand cream and Vanicream works on my hands and the vanicream cleared up my daughters eczema. I hope your hands are better now!!

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    1. Uhg they’re terrible! My dermatologist said my eczema was pretty severe so I ended up having to get a prescription steroid cream. It cleared it up pretty quickly which is nice and I’ve just been using aveeno eczema lotion since then and not washing my hands quite so much.
      Thanks for the tips! I’ll have to try those! 💕

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