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Fleece Liners…YES PLEASE!

Y’all fleece liners are freaking amazing!  I was skeptical, for real.  I didn’t think fleece would make that much of a difference in keeping my son’s bum dry but it really does!  What I did was I just bought a cheap fleece blanket and cut it up into a bunch of rectangles to lay in my cloth diapers as a barrier between his bum and the diaper.  I didn’t do any measuring, I just folded and cut until I had them small enough to fit in the diapers. It really does wick the pee off the skin.  My son is always totally dry even when his diaper is full of pee.

My best friend’s daughter has very sensitive skin and the fleece irritated her skin. So, I guess it doesn’t work for every skin type but my son has never had an issue with it. I love them though and I would suggest that anyone at least try it because it really doesn’t cost much and the results are awesome, so long as your babe isn’t incredibly sensitive.

Here’s a pic of what my liners look like:

-much love!!

What are y’all’s experiences with fleece liners?  Good/Bad… I wanna know! πŸ™‚

Comments are always welcome and appreciated!



4 thoughts on “Fleece Liners…YES PLEASE!

      1. It’s similar in effect, and it’s also a synthetic material like polyester fleece. Significantly thinner and a good bit floppier. Like fleece, it doesn’t fray so it’s a no-sew project. It’s my absolute favorite for cloth diaper sewing. Jo-Ann’s carries it (I always buy their Babyville Boutique brand), and it’s available on any cloth diaper fabric supply store.

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