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My Fluff Butt Journey

I’m not one of those snotty, “know it all”, only buys high end brand cloth diapers moms.  If you are a cloth momma you know what I mean!  I don’t obsess over which washing machine setting is best or how often I should strip my diapers (which I have read is usually not necessary). I am here to write about my experiences with cloth diapering.

I use all-in-ones (AIO) and pocket diapers.  I have many different kinds of inserts (charcoal, bamboo, microfiber) and some of them I’m not even sure what they are! Sometimes I add cotton liners for extra protection.  I just recently ordered a fleece blanket that I plan to cut up and make into liners to wick the pee off my son’s skin.  I’ll let y’all know how that goes!

I do use disposables.  Sometimes I like them better at night, because they are just better at absorbing pee (I only have 1 nighttime cloth diaper, with one coming soon!).  I also use disposables when I am out and about because it’s just easier! My husband also prefers to use disposables because they are easy.  However,  I am home with my son most the time so I use cloth most of the time.

The reasons I use cloth are:

  1. Cloth is better for the environment.  Disposable diapers are not biodegradable. So think of how many diapers you use a day (6-10) for about 2 years! Holy crap (pun intended) that’s a lot of waste!! And think of how many mommas are using them everyday!  I don’t want to add to that waste.
  2. Cloth is cheaper in the long run.  Yes, cloth diapers can be expensive to get a good collection, but once you have enough you don’t have to buy more.  You can use your diapers for as long as your baby wears them and if you plan to have more babies then you are set! I have 19 (about to be 20 when my new nighttime diaper comes in!) cloth diapers.  This lasts me about 2 and a half days.
  3. They are freaking adorable!!!!!

Comments are welcomed and appreciated!

Love always!!



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