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Jaundice.  My son was so yellow!  I had a home birth and it went perfect.  There were no complications.  But a few days after my son was born I noticed his skin was starting to get a yellow tint.

I contact my midwife and she says it’s no biggie…just stick him in the sun for 15 minutes 3 times a day.  So I don’t worry.  This is common.

My son wouldn’t stay latched so when he was 5 days old we went to the hospital for a breast feeding support group meeting. The lactation nurse took one look at him and told me he was VERY yellow and needed to be admitted to the hospital to have his bilirubin levels checked.  I told her we had a doctor’s appointment scheduled the next day but she seemed think it was an emergency.  So I called my husband to come up and talk to them.  I’m a mess. Crying in public. The hormones after you have a baby make you extra sensitive.

He thinks our son is fine.  So we debate…do we admit him or not? I texted my midwife again.  She came out to the house at around 9 pm!  She looked at him and said…he’s fine!

The next day we took him to his doctors appointment and they weren’t concerned about the jaundice.  It went away with time in the sun.

Moral of the story… trust your gut.  Don’t take advice from someone just because they are a nurse and work at a hospital.  That nurse cost me a lot of stress and tears that night.  And frankly, it was out of line.



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