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Lactation Smoothie Mix

UPDATE:  I wanted to let everyone know that this stuff really did help my production.  I gotta be honest, I wasn’t even great about drinking it EVERYDAY. I know, I know…but some days I honestly forgot.  My production seems to fluctuate a lot but the days that I drank the mix I could pump about an ounce and a half per breast.  This still isn’t a lot but it’s better than it was!  So I give this product an A+!


Hello everyone!


Today I will be writing a review on the Cinnamon Vanilla Lactation Smoothie Mix by Mom’s Original “m.o.m.m.a”.


I pump my breastmilk and supplement with formula for my son who is 8 weeks.  My production has always been a little low (hence the supplementing) so my husband bought me a five month subscription (from Amazon.com) of this smoothie mix for Christmas. Amazon will let you order a one-time purchase of 5 packages for $20.99 or subscribe “and save” for $19.94.  I personally think 5 packages is WAY too much but I will drink one smoothie a day for a month and let y’all know!

The packages are pretty big and according to the Amazon description each package makes 14 shakes, so (according to this) you would need two packages a month if you want to drink one a day.  I’m actually glad there are 5 packages because I am going to experiment with the powder mix as well (although 5 every month may be too many). There are two smoothie recipes on the back of the package:

20170105_114325118Banana Nut Muffin & Nutty MOMMA

I will review these at another time. I also plan to try baking with the mix.

When I opened the package I immediately noticed how good the mix smells.  It smells just like cinnamon oatmeal.  The instructions were to mix 4 table spoons with either water or milk (8oz). I chose milk and I’m glad I did because it tasted great!  The mixture dissolves fairly well but if you let the drink sit too long you will want to stir it again because the powder falls to the bottom.  I found I needed to stir it a few times because I kept having to put it down to care for my son. So far drinking this smoothie mix has been a tasty and pleasant experience.

I am curious to see if it actually helps my milk production increase.  Right now I produce about an ounce per breast (I told you it was low) every time I pump. I try and pump every 2-4 hours but sometimes I go longer.  Because I watch my son all day, there are sometimes long periods of time that I go without pumping because it is difficult for me to hold him and pump.  I have to make sure he is asleep (or at least content) and laid down before I can pump.  When my husband is home I am able to pump more often because he can hold Holden while I pump.  After a month of drinking one smoothie a day, I will update everyone on my production.  Hopefully it goes up!

Lastly, here’s the nutritional facts! Much love!!


Comments are welcome & appreciated!


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